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SaleHoo -  is a powerful research tool, supplier directory, and online community for dropshippers, wholesalers, and e-commerce stores.

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Successful dropshippers have reliable suppliers. Now you do, too.

8000 suppliers - 2.5 million products - 100 countries represented - 100,000 registered users

what is SaleHoo ?

SaleHoo is a company based in New Zealand, founded in 2005 by Simon Slade. There are 8,000+ valid suppliers and 2.5 million products listed on this “wholesale directory”.

SaleHoo does not sell actual products, as it is a service and not a supplier. Wholesalers, dropshippers, and online retailers can find suppliers through SaleHoo. In addition, they offer product research tools and training.

Online product searches and product comparisons can be carried out using the tool. Product names, brands, and categories are used to find products to sell.

Although the company is based in New Zealand, a lot of the suppliers are from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and China.

How Does SaleHoo Work?

Salehoo works by connecting you with a verified supplier network. You simply search for the products you are looking to find, and they will show you how many suppliers have that item available.

To Find Reliable Suppliers: 

Probably one if the biggest benefits of the Salehoo supplier directory is that it connects you with reliable suppliers who have been vetted by Salehoo and other Salehoo customers. 

Bulk wholesales 

This method often results in a lower cost rate as you would buy in bulk your chosen product (at a discount), and the supplier would ship to your warehouse or chosen location.

Salehoo Market research lab: 

If you are just setting up your online store and or expanding your range the Salehoo Market Research Lab is a great place to find out which products are trending.

Dropshipping Suppliers:

Where you find drop shipper suppliers, advertise the product online and then process the order with the supplier, and they ship directly to your customer. I like dropshipping. After all, you don't need a massive budget to start this business because you are not paying for supplies upfront. It's also great to have access to this service to try new products out.

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How to Use SaleHoo?

You have two choices while using Salehoo. You can either drop ship or do bulk purchasing.

With dropshipping, just have to add the products to your site; you don’t have to store the products in a warehouse.

You can then put the products up for sale with a margin, usually higher than the wholesale prices. The price difference is your profit.

Once a customer places the order, you first purchase the product at its wholesale price and then send them to the customer. 

The supplier ships the product directly to the customer on your behalf with your details on the invoice.
For bulk purchasing, you first need to buy the products in bulk for the wholesale rates and store them physically.

You process customer orders by shipping the products yourself. This process may prove riskier than supplying directly from the wholesaler because if the product doesn’t sell you’d be stuck with the inventory.
Salehoo Price

Salehoo Products

Dropship Suppliers

Salehoo gives you the option of over 1,000 reliable suppliers for dropshipping. Each of these suppliers has been audited and tested by Salehoo so that you can be sure that they can be trusted. There are situations of people not using someone like Salehoo and going straight to the supplier only to discover out they weren’t legitimate, and that’s where money can be lost.

You can get the following details when you check out the suppliers:
Contact information
Product range
Quality of goods
Customer service reviews
Where they ship to
How they ship their goods
Everything you want to sell, there is likely to be a supplier that can supply those products. Salehoo has suppliers of common product categories such as Clothes, Jewelry, Shoes, and Antiquities.

If you’re selling domestically or aiming for a foreign market, Salehoo can help you. Also, if you’re in a country that doesn’t have many suppliers, you can take advantage of foreign dropshipping to expand your company internationally.
Salehoo is great for beginners because it helps you to filter suppliers by minimum orders. Many suppliers deliver very small or even zero minimum orders, if you’re just starting out, then it’s important to keep an eye out for them. In addition, you want to stay away from suppliers that pay an application fee to get started. At present, about 70% of suppliers do not sell a gravitational one to them.

Best Pre-Vetted Wholesale Suppliers

Salehoo has a database of 8000 trusted wholesale suppliers whom you can partner with to build a stock of your products affordably.

Find contact details, check the product catalog, and verify the quality of service—everything from the dashboard of SaleHoo.

You can also check which locations they serve to and from to make informed decisions whether to go for that supplier or not.

SaleHoo has suppliers of popular brands like Adidas, LEGO, 3M, Oakley, Disney, and hundreds of others.
It covers home improvement categories, kids, fashion, accessories, health & fitness self-care, electronics, lifestyle, and more.

The beauty of this feature is you get all the branded products across different categories at a minimal price point since you are dealing at wholesale price.

Hence you can book maximum profit by making intelligent decisions, all of it through a single dashboard of SaleHoo and without going anywhere else on the web.

Salehoo Market Research Lab

When you are searching for a best-selling product and then following information about the product is provided to you by SaleHoo

Trends are one of the best ways to analyze a product’s sales behavior for a long time easily, SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab provides you with trends for easy understanding.

Compare products to choose the best one:
After you have made up your mind and struggling to decide between two or more products then you can easily compare their statistics in one place through SaleHoo’s tool. They provide you an option to compare more than one product and decide best among them.

Supply and demand overview:
This is very important to understand the sales of a product because, if just the sales of a product are provided then they might not give you success all the time.

But, if you are provided with the supply and demand overview then you can analyze, answer questions like, Is the demand for this product existing? Why is the demand rising for this product? Is it because of the quality or brand of the product?

By asking the above questions we can choose a better product, this is facilitated by the Market Research Lab of SaleHoo.

Accurate Results:
SaleHoo’s results are accurate, you can blindly believe their statistics and design your marketing plan.

Training & Support

The “Free guides” section will show you educational material on using the SaleHoo platform. It’s recommended that you check this spot if you have some problems with getting used to it.
The guide section includes aspects such as selling on eBay and Amazon, finding the right product to sell, starting an online store, etc.

SaleHoo provides a community forum that you can join and interact with other, more experienced users. The forum includes various posts and guides, and you can also ask questions from people who will help make your experience on the platform easier.

Customer Support:
While there’s a training module to help you get around, you have several options if you need additional clarification or run into a problem:

Live Chat:
Once you get on your SaleHoo page, you can access a live chat feature. Click on the “Chat with a SaleHoo expert” to access the option. Note, however, that the option isn’t available every time. As the company’s Contact us page shows, they’re available for 12 hours on weekdays. You can only access 24-hour live chat on weekends.

Contact Forms and Email:
This is perhaps the surest way to get in touch with SaleHoo. Head over to the “Contact Us” page, and you will be able to talk to them directly through Email. However, it might take a while before you get your response.

Does SaleHoo work with Shopify?

Yes! If you’ve been on the fence about SaleHoo. They’ve recently launched a new Shopify app (SaleHoo Dropship) that allows you to dropship AliExpress products on your Shopify store. Now if you’re worried about the product quality from AliExpress suppliers.

That’s exactly where SaleHoo's expertise comes in! SaleHoo specializes in filtering and pre-selecting high-quality products from reliable suppliers, whether it’s from AliExpress or other parts of the world. If it’s on the SaleHoo directory, you can be sure the suppliers there have a certain quality benchmark.

Moreover, SaleHoo Dropship allows you to one-click import products that you can sell immediately with confidence. Again, saving you time in the process.
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Is Salehoo Legitimate?

Although some reviews from previous SaleHoo users have claimed that it’s a scam, SaleHoo’s own website begs to differ. In their defense, they offer proof that they are indeed legit.

They’ve been in business since 2005

They have a BBB Rating of “A”

They offer a 60 Day Money Back guarantee

 SaleHoo FAQs

How is the 100% satisfaction guarantee insured ?
If you are not happy with the tool after your first purchase, you can shoot an email to along with your receipt number to get a complete refund.
What are the mediums of communication?
24×7 personal email support. If you prefer other channels, you can get chat support and discuss your queries with the support staff inside the members’ forum.
Is SaleHoo A Good Service?
Salehoo is an excellent platform for those who are just getting started in the world of eCommerce. You won’t have a lot of overhead costs thanks to low minimum orders and a variety of drop shippers. Salehoo’s instruction is an added bonus that is readily available.
What Type Of Business Is SaleHoo?
SaleHoo Group Limited is an e-commerce company.
What Is The Process For Unsubscribing From SaleHoo?
At the top of the screen, select the “View Information” button and sign in if prompted. On the following screen, scroll down until you reach the “Subscriptions” tab, now click “Manage.” Select “Edit” next to the SaleHoo application, then “Cancel Subscription.”
Is SaleHoo good for dropshipping?
SaleHoo is an app created for dropshipping and it does excellently well at that. It solves the headache of finding a dropshipping supplier for your product.
What about Refund ? If I don't want to continue
You will enjoy the 60 day of refund guarantee to try SaleHoo and will get a full refund quickly. You will have no need to explain anything.

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Salehoo, Salehoo reviews, Ecommerce, wholesaling, dropship, supplier directory, dropship suppliers, wholesale suppliers, online business, shopify store, ecommerce store
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